While Natural Premium® is a new addition to the Spanish premium wine landscape, their roots have been anchored in the industry for many years.
Natural Premium® brings to the table a remarkable standard of knowledge, experience and international contacts, as well as provides unparalleled access to the world’s most celebrated, loved and rare wines at industry-leading prices.  We offer a premium service that is unique in the scope of Spanish wines and liqueurs, acting as the ‘portfolio manager’ of your fine wine journey, from assisting with the selection of the perfect unique grape and locating wines suitable to your market, to providing personal service in gifting, cellaring or transporting your wine. Natural Premium® provides tailored and flexible solutions of the highest class to all our international clients.


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As a business, Natural Premium® is built on the principles of authenticity, provenance, character and quality. From our world-leading portfolio to the expertise and attentiveness of our consultancy team, our business ethos is aligned with the products that we sell: being of an impeccably high standard.